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Crash Course In Video

Grass roots instruction: A Crash Course in Video

During the work-from-home period, UVic instructors were forced to carry on as best they could with what they had, and also rapidly and completely move their courses from face-to-face to online. This site of simple instructions on doing the video and audio end of things with simple household tools, includes the cardboard box document camera.

Award Winning: Delirium in the older person: A Medical Emergency

Delirum was my first major-budget video edit at Vancouver Island Health. It won an FREDDIE - an International Health and Medical Media Award, which I was present for the acceptance in New York. Delirum was a team effort and my job was to take the interviews and script and make the plan work. I found the little moments, the counterpoints and filled the gaps with graphics and pick up shots.

Cool It

Production Value: Cool It! Climate Leadership Training

For this promo for British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association, I added the most production value I could on a limited budget. Shooting with a large sensor DSLR, verité-syle in classrooms, I captured real moments of students engaging with the program and celebrating their pizza party award. Adding in some narration from my daughter to match the verisimilitude of the footage and we had a small success.


A Way of Being: Paul Burke Training Group

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is not so much a counselling practice but a way of being and a life long learning pursuit. In the series of instructional DVDs and web videos, Paul Burke Training and Consulting Group demonstrates the process and discusses the subtleties of good MI engagement. The series includes: Practice Pieces, Getting the Ball Rolling, Listening Him to Yes, and Motivational Interviewing in Diabetes Care/Diabetes Education.

Get To Know

Fun Facts: Get to Know Your Gustavson

The professors at the Gustavson School of Business needed a fun video for student recruitment. Unfortunately for them it meant being peppered with personal questions. This was my chance to cut in a YouTube jump-cut style. Lucky for me, I had years of Jean Luc Godard screenings to draw from.

Design Thinking

Graphical Story: Design Thinking at work

To promote his new book, Design Thinking at Work, David Dunne, Professor of Innovation & Design, and Director of UVic MBA Program, approached me to make a video teaser trailer. With some ideas from David, a few images from his research, we shot a headshot monologue and built graphics elements from the book's the design language to tell the story.

Building Structure: Telling it like it is

Jacob Beaton of Coppermoon Communications shot some beautiful and sensitive footage for this video on aboriginal youth telling their stories. I was brought in to pull it together. I remember mapping out the structure of the video on my wall with coloured post-it notes, interweaving the stories and themes with the process of writing and recording a hip-hop song lead by NAME.

Learning to Listen: Reduce Speed: a film about crystal meth

Dr. Doug McGhee walked into the VIHA audio visual office one day with a box of DV interviews he shot with youth telling their stories of the crystal meth epidemic. He was lost on what to do next. I was assigned a month's worth of evenings in the edit suite to see what I could do. It was my first edited doc and I pulled out all the tricks in my book but also learned to listen, because the participants were the experts not the doctors, police or the social workers.

Live Work Play: VIHA Recruitment

For healthcare, staff recruitment is an issue. Doctors, nurses and health practitioners have the ability to pick and choose employment almost anywhere around the world. For Vancouver Island Health, competing on price is a losing game, but they can compete with the beauty and livestyle of living on Vancouver Island. I went out with just a DV cam, a small lighting kit, and an attitude to craft the best shots I could and luckily had the timeframe to go get them.

Video proposal: CT Colonography: Virtual Colonoscopy

The Department of Radiology at Vancouver Island Health had a radical idea: create 3D fly-throughs of a patient's colon constructed from low radiation CT scans to screen for colon cancer instead of a traditional colonoscopy using a scope. I helped get their video proposal for reducing patient risk and increasing access for colonoscopy screening to the board.